Local SEO Services

How do you win the SEO game in Kenya and dominate your industry? Improve your technical SEO and get your on-page SEO to a great place.

But that’s not enough. You must take care of your local seo if you’re selling your products and services in one city or more in Kenya.


Helps people looking for services or products in your town find your business through Map Packs and Knowledge Graphs.

  • Can massively boost your online visibility in a particular geographic area
  • Can help you build up a solid online reputation through Google reviews and social media reviews
  • Promotes your credibility and trustworthiness as a local entity
  • Gets the phone ringing more often
  • Can help transform your overall conversion rate

Working with SEO Smart can help your website dominate local search results and Google Map Packs. Based in Kenya, we understand how SEO works in the local context. We’ll use every trick in the local SEO book to help you attract nearby customers.

We’ll set up your GBP, help you get more Google reviews, and get your site listed on high-traffic business directories in Kenya. Your website will become a local authority, and you’ll see increased local visits and better conversions. Your competitors are probably working with a local SEO agency!


How We Can Help You With Local SEO


Set Up and Optimize Your GBP

We’ll help you claim and verify your Google Business Profile. We’ll go a step further and help you optimize your GBP listing. To make your listing stand out, we ensure your business information is complete and accurate information. We keep your business name, address, phone number, website url, hours of operation, and product/service offerings consistent on social media, Google, Bing, and business directories.


Citation Building and NAP SEO

We can help you build proper citations for your business. We have a network of contacts in the Kenyan SEO market and can get your company listed on local business directories.Being mentioned on Yellow Pages Kenya and Businesslist can make you seem more trustworthy and authoritative. Plus, you’ll get powerful local backlinks. And high-DA local backlinks can cause your website rankings to explode.


Local-Focused Content

Our content marketing experts can put together a well-thought-out local content strategy for you. They’ll publish polished blog posts and web pages. We make sure these pages and posts are 100 percent relevant to the area in which your business operates.
How do we do that? We skillfully work a bunch of searchable local keywords into your content. Best of all, we stick to topics that resonate with your target local audience.


Mobile Optimization

Our UI and UX designers work with our experienced back-end developers to make your website mobile-friendly and responsive. The changes they make help users have an enjoyable experience regardless of the device type they’re using. We’ve observed that optimizing a website for mobile enhances user experience and pushes the website’s content to the top of local mobile SERPs.


Local Structured Data Markup

Structured data markup, done correctly, can help improve a website’s performance in local search. Our local SEO people have the technical expertise needed to properly add Local Business Schema and other schema types.
Schema is code that search engine bots read to learn the specifics of the content on a page. If there are images, video, or an FAQ section on the page, we add appropriate structured data to communicate it all. We prefer JSON-LD.


Local Link Building

Over the years, we’ve learned various ways and tricks of obtaining good backlinks from local websites for our clients. We’ve developed many mutually beneficial relationships with bloggers, influencers, and website owners across industries.
Before we start hunting around for local backlinks, we rigorously analyze your link profile. We do that to determine how many niche-relevant backlinks each important page needs to dominate the local SERPs.That’s one way we stand head and shoulders above our competitors!


Local Keyword Research

Ranking #1 for a keyword is great. But it doesn’t make one iota of sense if no one ever searches for that information. What makes sense is ranking #1 for a query that locals use when searching for particular services or businesses.
Our experienced SEO team uses advanced tools to find location-specific keywords relevant to your business. Naturally adding these keywords to your content and meta tags can improve your local search visibility.


Local On-Page Optimization

Not everyone has time to update existing content with new facts and research data. Or even add new headings and internal links. Fortunately, we have competent people and enough time to take care of your on-page SEO.
We can help with rewriting your titles and meta descriptions to increase the CTR. We could also rework your headings, sections, and sentences to clarify the context. Most importantly, we can infuse your content with all kinds of natural-language, conversational long-tail keywords to help you win in local NLP and voice search.

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Local SEO in Kenya FAQs

Local SEO is the use of certain tricks to encourage search engines to show your business first in local search results. It also positions your business prominently in Google Maps Pack and Knowledge Panel.

When people add ‘near me’ to their search query, your business pops up on their screen. Imagine you’re a yoga teacher and someone nearby is hunting for a place to learn meditation. If your business pops up on their screen, it’s because you’ve done good local SEO.

Make sure details such as name, address, contact info, and hours open are accurate. Also, post eye-catching photos of your product, service, and business building. Importantly, describe your business using local-intent keywords. Finally, persuade your customers to write reviews and enliven your profile by posting updates on offers and exciting events.

In local SEO, citations are listings on a local business directory like Yellow Pages Kenya. They make it easier for search engines and consumers to find your business and potentially buy your product or service. Generally, a business with more local citations outperforms one with fewer mentions in local search results.

We’re the best local SEO service in Kenya if we say it ourselves. And we can help with listing your websites on some of the best business directories in Kenya.

The best way to get more customer reviews is to ask your customers to write a review. Have your employees or associates politely ask customers to review the service or product post purchase. You could also put up a poster that directly asks customers to leave a review.

Don’t do that if you don’t treat customers like royalty. Unhappy customers tend to leave bad Google reviews, usually 1 or 2-star ratings. Displaying tons of negative reviews on the Knowledge Graph can’t be good for your business!

Listing your website on a business directory in kenya adds a backlink to it. More importantly, it makes it easier for potential customers to find your business.

Pro local SEO tip: Use Keywords Everywhere, a Google Chrome extension, to instantly estimate the number of visitors each business listing website gets per month.

Yes, link building is important for local SEO. Every time a local website with some relevance to your industry or niche links to your site, search engines view that as trustworthiness and credibility. Your EEAT will get a nice boost. If you have enough high-quality local backlinks, you’ll likely dominate local search results.
NAP is an acronym for Name, Address, Phone number. Good NAP SEO happens when you list the name, address, and phone number of your company, business, or organization correctly and consistently on social media, websites, and online directories. This type of local SEO makes it easier for search engines to figure out the true identity and location of your business.

Type in a bunch of local keywords and note where your business sits in the Local Pack. Next, check your organic rankings on GSC to learn how many people visit your website each day, week, month, etc.

Also, visit your Google Business Profile and click on Performance to view customer interactions. Specifically, note down how many website clicks, calls, bookings, messages, and direction requests originated from your GBP.

In addition, analyze backlink data on GSC or SEMrush/Ahrefs to see how many local websites have recently linked to you. Most importantly, watch your conversion rate.