When faced with more client work than you can handle, you have two options: turn the new client away or seek expert SEO help.

We believe the second option is the smarter choice, and it’s not as complicated as you might think. Stop worrying and talk to a reputable SEO company in Kenya. Most digital marketing agencies in Kenya that have worked with us appreciate our services. We hope you will too.

Why Work With Us?

Outsource Your SEO Projects to Us and Meet Client Deadlines

Is your SEO agency about to miss a client deadline? We’re here to help. Our team works hard behind the scenes to ensure your clients’ projects get completed on time, every time. The projects bear your agency’s name, and you get all the credit! Whether you’re a big firm or work solo, our outsourced SEO service has your back.


Tested and Proven SEO Expertise

The lead SEO at SEO Smart, Mehul Shah, has been in this game for 20+ years. We’ve been tested and proven capable by scores of medium-sized and large companies, in diverse sectors. Simply hand over your project instructions and sit back to watch us work.


Data-Driven Reporting

Throughout project execution, we’ll keep you in the loop. You’ll know exactly what we’re doing under the hood to get your client’s search results to a better place. In the final analysis, you’ll get comprehensive reports that show how your SEO is doing. We also include recommendations that could get your customers even better stats in the future.


Backlink Building

We have a few trade secrets that enable us to acquire highly authoritative backlinks for clients. First, we conduct a backlink analysis for each client’s website and their key competitors. Then, we estimate the number of links needed to dominate the SERPs for specific keywords. Next, we acquire high-quality links from websites in related niches. However, this process isn’t always easy or fast.


High-Quality Content Creation

We begin by doing meticulous keyword research around your client’s main keyword. We then develop the most helpful content possible, to serve the underlying search intent. Importantly, your clients get superior content that helps them connect with their target audience. Which translates into increased organic traffic and better conversions.


Content Marketing

Have any of your clients ever needed help with content marketing but you couldn’t process their request due to time constraints? That ends here and now! Next time, just say yes and order our content marketing service. Our content marketing packages prioritize authority building, growing traffic, and improving conversions.


Technical SEO Help

Our technical SEO experts have the know-how to pinpoint errors that throttle website performance. They then optimize your client's website according to current SEO best practices, search engine policies, and content creation guidelines.

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Reasons to Outsource SEO to a Reliable Agency

  • Expand Your Service Offerings: Working with an agency enables you to offer a wider range of services, even if you lack the required expertise.
  • Cost-Cutting: You avoid the hefty costs associated with hiring talent and training it to build an in-house team.
  • On-Demand SEO Expertise: You access years of combined SEO experience and expertise whenever you need it.
  • Customizable Packages: The right agency can create custom SEO packages to fit your clients’ unique needs.
  • Brand Autonomy: A good agency provides great work and lets you bask in the glory.
  • Scalability: An agency enables you to take on more client work without needing to hire extra labor. More money for you!
  • No Infrastructure Investment: You’re able to complete massive SEO projects without sinking loads of money into overpriced or expensive SEO tools. Semrush isn’t cheap, you know.
  • Detailed Reporting for Your Clients: Your clients get detailed SEO performance reports—reports you didn’t have to prepare.
  • Continuous Support and Learning: The best SEOs are industry insiders. Partnering with them keeps you updated on the latest trends and techniques. Plus, you’re always learning little insider SEO success secrets.
  • Focus on Your Core Business: A competent agency handles your clients’ SEO worries, freeing up time and energy for the most critical aspects of your business.
  • Never Again Miss Client Deadlines: The best agencies can handle as much client work as you need help with, and they never make excuses. Meeting client deadlines earns you respect and repeat business.
  • Consistency in Service Quality: If you hire the same agency each time (hopefully us), you’ll likely get the same level of quality. Consistency in quality inspires trust.
  • Client Retention: You’ll be able to give your customers great SEO outcomes every time. Over time, you'll build a community of happy long-term clients.
  • Competitive Edge: You get to offer your clients a wider range of better-quality services faster than your competitors. You’re then going to stand out in the marketplace, even if SEO isn't your primary focus.


First off, outsourcing SEO gives digital marketing agencies in Kenya access to next-level expertise. This results in better website performance and increased client traffic. It also frees up resources, allowing the agency to focus on core competencies. Also, the ability to scale allows them to handle evolving client workloads without sacrificing quality or missing deadlines.
Clients benefit from specialized expertise, plus they’re likely to get great SEO outcomes. Great SEO results lead to customer satisfaction, and trust grows. Agencies can focus more on their tasks, improving efficiency and the quality of their work. Scalability gives clients the assurance that the agency will always process their projects on time no matter what.
Agencies must prioritize expertise, proven success, and industry knowledge. They should also insist on clear and timely communication. Also, the hired agency must develop a clear understanding of the client’s unique business needs. Other qualities include transparency, accountability, trustworthiness, and the ability to provide clear reporting.
Outsourced SEO pricing for agencies varies based on factors like the scope of work and the level of expertise required. Pricing models include fixed monthly fees, hourly rates, or project-based charges. Ensure that project pricing details are clear to both parties to avoid misunderstandings. We assess project value against costs to determine alignment with our agency’s objectives.
Agencies can retain control over the management of client SEO by their partner agency. Regular communication with the contractor ensures the agency’s plan gets executed correctly. Upon project completion, you should review the work and provide feedback for adjustments, if needed.

Expect improved website visibility and month-on-month traffic increases for your clients, which are easy to measure. Additionally, the agency should conduct quality keyword research and create new content around those keywords.

They should also optimize existing content for improved search performance. Quality backlink building is another outsourced SEO deliverable. Finally, you should receive regular reports comparing before-and-after performance numbers.

Outsourced SEO provides high-quality expertise without the need for additional salaried employees or lengthy training. It also saves time and may reduce operational costs compared to in-house teams. Flexible scaling allows you to adjust resources based on current client needs.
Partnering with an unreliable provider can result in poor-quality work and ethical issues. Another risk is communication problems, which may cause misunderstandings and project delays. Also, maintaining control over sensitive information can be challenging. Plus, over-reliance on outsourced services can hinder team growth in SEO expertise. However, careful selection of an SEO agency and clear communication can mitigate these risks.