What Is SEO Maintenance?

SEO maintenance is an ongoing process that entails managing various aspects of a website to ensure optimal performance in the SERPs. It involves regular website and content updates, tracking and reviewing analytics. Most importantly, it’s about making the adjustments necessary to keep your website ahead of the competition.



Paying a specialist like SEO Smart for SEO maintenance is like paying a landscaping expert to keep a posh home in a palmy neighborhood looking great. A good SEO agency sticks to a comprehensive SEO maintenance checklist.

On-page optimization: Editing existing pages to keep it interesting while accurately matching user intent.

Off-page SEO: Mostly link building and managing customer reviews.

Technical SEO: Pinpointing errors that hold a website back and tackling them.

Local SEO: Managing business listings on Google, Bing, business directories, and social media; it also includes optimizing content so it aligns with what potential customers in the location are looking for (local intent).



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Website Rankings in Search Results Aren't Permanent

Getting your web pages to rank high in search engine results pages is a great achievement. However, there’s no guarantee your positioning in the SERPs will stay stable forever.
Search algorithms, SEO best practices, and the competition are always evolving. Proper SEO maintenance helps sustain and even improve your website ranking no matter what happens in the future.

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SEO Isn’t a Once-And-Done Strategy

SEO isn’t a one-time project or event. It's an ongoing process. You’ll do well if you commit to this process in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.
Content requires updating and some pages have to be redirected or even permanently deleted. Also, there’s link-building, analytics review, and actioning on what you learn from performance data. Then there’s technical details to handle such as website speed, GSC errors, PageSpeed Insight recommendations, and much more besides.

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Search Engine Algorithms Happen Frequently

Google, Bing, and other search engines frequently update their content ranking algorithms. They say they do this to give web users the most relevant and helpful search results. We feel that these companies don’t always do a good job of shuffling the SERPs, but it is what it is.
Properly handled ongoing SEO maintenance helps your website adapt to these changes. Plus, it makes sure your site remains competitive and compliant to the latest SEO best practices and content quality guidelines.

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Your Competitors Aren’t Ignoring SEO Maintenance

It’s smart to assume that your competitors are pouring time and resources into ongoing SEO efforts to outrank you. Actually, you should keep tabs on what your worthy competitors are up to at all times!
In today’s insanely competitive online marketplace, ongoing website maintenance is absolutely necessary. If you want to keep your keyword positions stable while outperforming your rivals, consider working with us.

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Features of Our SEO Maintenance Service

Here’s what our SEO maintenance package in Kenya does for you:

  • Monitoring Website Performance: Tracking your website's performance in search is a fundamental part of our SEO maintenance service. We analyze traffic trends, session duration, bounce rate, click-through rate, conversion rate, and other useful SEO performance metrics.
  • Keeping Tabs on Algorithm Changes: As SEO specialists, we follow industry news and keep an eye on the changes to existing SEO best practices. Every time an algorithm update starts rolling out, we know. We also hang out in important SEO communities online and learn information we wouldn’t learn otherwise. Result? We identify issues early and help you take proactive steps to prevent loss of rankings.
  • Fixing Broken Links and Handling Link Redirects: Broken links make for poor user experience and can negatively impact your overall SEO. We find and fix broken internal links, outbound links, and inbound links. We also address incorrect link redirects. For example, a 404 link that ought to be a 301 redirect. Our main goal is to make search engines and web visitors love your website.
  • Managing Your Local Listings: Are you a local business targeting local customers in Kenya? Our service can save you time and mental exhaustion by keeping your local listings up-to-date and consistent across platforms. We can help set up your Google Business profile, manage customer reviews, and update your NAP information (Name, Address, Phone Number).
  • Re-Optimizing Existing Content: Using robust keyword research tools, we put together a list of query-relevant phrases. We then edit your existing and add new sections if necessary to make your page the most helpful answer for the primary query. We also study your CTR keenly. And if it needs help, we modify and test meta tags and meta descriptions until they become click magnets. Our meticulous content overhaul leaves search engines with no choice but to rank your keywords higher.

FAQs on SEO Maintenance

Search algorithms and SEO best practices change over time. You need ongoing SEO maintenance to make sure your website adapts to these changes. It’s the only way a site can stabilize or improve its keyword positions while pulling in more organic traffic.

SEO maintenance involves tasks like keyword rank tracking, monthly and quarterly performance reporting, and content updates. There’s also backlink analysis, link building, NAP, and GBP management. And don’t forget to handle technical issues and other website performance optimizations.

A comprehensive review and update at least once a quarter is recommended. However, key aspects like content updates, keyword performance analysis, and technical SEO checks require monthly or even weekly attention.

When done correctly, SEO maintenance can help you rule the SERPs in your niche. It enhances overall user engagement by keeping your site user-friendly and fast. Updated content draws and retains visitors, giving you an edge over your competitors. And the best SEO benefit of them all? It keeps your website prepared for future search algorithm changes.

Some basic SEO maintenance tasks can be easily completed in-house. But for complex issues like hacking, removing a Google penalty, and tackling extremely technical stuff, hire a good SEO agency.

Hire an agency with a track record of getting great results for their clients. For many Kenyan companies in manufacturing and other industries, that SEO agency is us—SEO Smart.

During routine website maintenance, a good SEO agency can accurately identify the cause of a Google penalty. More importantly, they can put together a Google penalty recovery strategy that actually works.

And the best part? A good agency makes sure your website no longer violates Google’s policies and content guidelines. That’s how you prevent manual and algorithmic penalties down the road.

Since SEO in Kenya is a perpetually changing and unpredictable reality, SEO maintenance is (and should be) an ongoing endeavor.

Nobody knows what the future of SEO looks like. If your current SEO agency tells you they do, fire them! But don’t stop there. Hire the SEO experts at SEO Smart to handle your website maintenance going forward.

SEO maintenance ROI can be measured by tracking keyword rank, organic traffic, and conversion rate changes. If your online visibility and revenue have improved after hiring an SEO agency, continue working with them. Go a step further and demand even better results!