Copywriting Services

For a very long time, different industries have had a number of issues when it comes to content creation. In fact, according to the Content Marketing Institute’s (CMI) annual B2B (business-to-business) content marketing report for 2021, the biggest problem cited by marketers is content creation!

That is why a copywriter is very important for your business because they help sell your brand persona. One other fact is that on top of traffic, great content also helps you build brand credibility in the long run. Content quality is crucial in driving results!

You may not be aware of this, but another reason why you need an experienced copywriter to come through with content for your website, is that published content when done correctly can continue to grow your website’s traffic and engagement organically, while keeping overhead costs relatively stable.

Here at SEO Smart, we do all the heavy lifting for you, as we have copywriters always ready to help communicate your marketing to the next level.


Quality Content

The best news is that you will love the quality of the content created, and that’s not all! Our rates are fixed and very reasonable, as listed below:

SEO-Friendly Web Page Copy
Kes4,000Per Page


  • SEO-Friendly Web Page Copy
Blog post up to 1,000 words Max


  • Blog post up to 1,000 words max
Sales Funnel Copywriting Package


  • Landing Pages (Pre-sales & Sales page)
  • Lead Magnet (8 pages max. & published as one PDF)
  • Lead Nurturing Email Series (Pre-sales, Abandoned cart and/or On-boarding series)

Clearly, it is evident that despite being the best in the game, our charges are quite reasonable. We can’t wait to start creating content for you, so it’s about time you focused on other areas in your business and leave anything copywriting related to us.


Some of the other ways that you’ll also benefit from working with our in-house copywriters include:

We’ll never serve you mediocre work. You can be sure to get best of the best, as we always strive to make sure our clients get what they wish for by bringing your dream to life. We ensure that this is the case by taking time to produce quality content, not something rushed.

Something else that’s really important that you can be sure of by working with us is a great working relationship between you and our copywriters.

Last but not least, you will get value for your money, without any doubt!

It’s time for you to stop writing your own website copy because here at SEO Smart, we got you, literally! We never disappoint, so trust us to help you!