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    US$ 80.83 / Month

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Automatic Page Caching

Experience lightning-fast loading times with our automatic page caching system that stores frequently accessed pages for instant delivery.

Desktop and Mobile View Caching

Cater to different devices seamlessly by implementing separate caching for desktop and mobile views, ensuring an optimal user experience across all platforms.

HTTP/2 Support:

Enjoy the benefits of modern HTTP/2 protocol implementation, enabling faster data transfer and reduced response times for your website.

Event-Driven Cache Purging

Maintain data consistency and ensure accurate content delivery by automatically purging cached pages based on specific events, such as post updates or comments.

WordPress REST API Cache

Optimize API interactions by caching WordPress REST API calls, enhancing the performance of your applications and integrations.

HTTP/3 & QUIC Support:

Embrace the next-generation HTTP/3 protocol and QUIC transport layer, paving the way for enhanced security, privacy, and performance.

Private Cache for Logged-In Users

Deliver personalized experiences by implementing private caching for logged-in users, allowing them to access their customized content efficiently.

Scheduled URL Purge

Take granular control over cache management by scheduling purges for specific URLs, ensuring that outdated content is removed promptly.

Edge Side Includes (ESI):

Dynamically inject content fragments from the server edge, optimizing page load times and reducing server load.

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FAQS On Performance WordPress Website Hosting Plan

The SEO Smart WordPress Hosting Plan is an advanced hosting solution that combines hosting, maintenance, performance optimization, and dedicated support to supercharge your website’s SEO performance.

The SEO Smart Plan offers features like personalized caching, advanced infrastructure, dedicated maintenance, and a commitment to achieving a 90% or higher performance benchmark.

Yes, the SEO Smart Plan is ideal for high-traffic websites due to its advanced infrastructure and performance features.

Absolutely, we can implement additional security measures tailored to your website’s needs.

Our goal is to help you achieve a performance benchmark of 90% or higher in core web vitals.

Yes, the SEO Smart Plan includes CDN services to boost your website’s performance and global accessibility.

Email hosting is not included in the SEO Smart Plan. Explore our email hosting options for your email needs.

Yes, we offer flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your hosting plan based on your website’s requirements.